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For Sek's 'Sake'

LIVING IN ENGLAND two years ago, Sek Loso put together a backup band with Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs on guitar, Eric Lavansch on drums and Rob Hudsun on bass, and under his name they'er now finishing up an English language album, "For God's Sake".

"Most of the songs are finished." says Sek.

"Grammy will distribute it in Thailand and I'm looking fot other labels to distribute it all over the world."

The tracks are "Bangkok Phi Phi" (an English version of his hit "Pantip") "Love is My Religion", "I Wish I Could", "Ready Aim Fire", "Regency on Ice", "Fly Away", "Exactly", "In the Air", :English School" and "She's So Sexy"

"Songwriting in English is easier than in Thai because of the controlling tones," Sekobserves. "Of course, my English is still weak, but I try to read a lot of books and learn how to use the interesting words and phrases."

"Love is My Religion" is about my life as a country boy who left his hometown [in Nakhon Ratchasima] to live in England.

In 'I Wish I Could' and 'In the Air' I wrote about the damage that Thailand's coast suffered in the tsunami.

I'd watched on YV how so many people helped the affected residents and tourists, and I went to Ban Nam Khem with my video camera and I was able to make some of the kids there happy with my songs.

" 'In the Air' is about how the tsunami separated families and loving couples."

Grammy reportedly advanced Sek Bt30 million for expenses, including his trips to England and some time at Peter Gabriel's recording studio Real World.

It was an expensive session, and Sek is eager to hear what music fans think about the results. He's playing at the fabled Glastonbury Festival in southwest England next month.

"I must get some feedback on my songs!"

Asked what his highest aim is once the new album emerges, Sek says without hesitation, "to be a proficient songwriter"

As for fame, he laughs at the notion that he might swap lo-so for hi-so - high society.

"I'm still Sek Loso, not Sek Hiso!" he chuckles.

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June 7, 2005

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14 Again [TV3 Concert]

Song : 14 Again [TV 3 Concert]

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As Moderndog, Silly Fools, and other iconic Thai bands have realized upon theirfame spreading throughout this small country, the only way to continue growing is to go “inter.” Almost invariably, this means releasing an album in English. Tanya Sangpun Thamkruphat catches up with Thai rocker Sek LoSo on his way to way to bigger and better things.

“To me, doing an English album is more of a challenge than doing Thai songs again and again… We’re ready to rock the world!”

After shaking up the rock scene in Thailand with LoSo’s first album Lo Society, and having sold at least a million copies per album released, Seksan “Sek LoSo” Sookpimai is ready to do some feavy damage on the international rock scene. Having swept in many fans for years, both in Thailand and abroad with his addictive Thai songs for the masses, coupled with his mad guitar playing skills, Sek is prepared to take it to the next level: releasing an English album.

Amidst his hectic schedule, I got the opportunity to sit down with the down-to-earth, dark sunglasses-wearing Thai rock icon himself and the laidback LoSo band (Chris, Eric and former Oasis band member, “Bonehead”). Sek spoke frankly about his decision to go international, the soon-to-be released album, For God’s Sake, as well as his sights on the future.

Going Global with the Sek LoSo Sound

The decision to hit the international music scene was made after Sek read Jimi Hendrix’s biography.

“After readingJimi Hendrix’s biography, I thought to myself, ‘Wow, I could really do that!” commented Sek, in his newly acquired English accent. “To me, it’s more of a challenge [doing an English albumj than doing Thai songs again and again. It’s worth to do it because I like to tour around the world. I am very excited and nervous at the same time. But I’ve really wanted to do this. We’re ready to rock the world!”

With that spark of confidence, Sek made the move to London to go study English as well as search for new band mates. After successfully grasping the English language, writing some songs, and hooking himself up with a new band, Sek began touring for about 6 months in Thailand. During the tour, Sek met Tim Carr, former A&R man (Beastie Boys, Megadeath) and Rolling Stone magazine writer. Carr was signed on by Grammy Entertainment to help manage and pfomote Sek as an international recording artist. Demos were sent to a few top-notch producers, and Owen Morris (Oasis, The Verve, Ash) happened to be the first individual to respond with great interest. Morris was flown out by Grammy to sample the band’s performance at the Pattaya.,,, Music Festival (Thailand). Highly I impressed with what he saw, he agreed to produce For God’s Sake.

Recording of the album started at the end of 2004 in Singapore and wrapped up in February of this year at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studio in Bath, England. When asked why he wanted to continue recording in England, Sek simply said it was for the “inspiration.”

“When I wrote those [demo] songs, I was living 5 minutes away from Abbey Road. It just helped me out a lot when writing my songs. And I recorded at the Real World Studio, where a lot of rock stars record. It was just more inspiration for me.”

For God’s Sake, Move Over for Sek LoSo!

Already receiving positive feedback from Rolling Stone Magazine for his performance in March at Austin,Texas’s South by Southwest Music Festival (SXSW), what can LoSo fans expect from Sek’s highly anticipated English album?

“A lot more aggression and a lot more energy,” says Bonehead, as rock music blasts out the back of the recording studio.

Besides a more aggressive sound mixed in to the new album, the content of Sek’s English songs is a little different from his Thai songs.

“It’s not completely different when I write Thai and English songs, but when you write an English song, you think about the world. Most of my Thai songs were just talking about love and about the working class people. My English songs are about how the world is The lyrics I wrote are what make my album unique. English isn’t my first language, so I tried to write something simple and not too complicated. I love all the songs on the album. [With this album], just want to make my fans happy. I want to show them what I can do.”

So, what does Sek really like to write about? “Sex, violence, and whisky!” kids Sek and Bonehead... “No, I like to write about love,” smiles Sek as he softly strums his acoustic guitar.

Sek Sounding Off On His Future

With the recording of For God’s Sake finished and to be released in August of this year through Grammy Entertainment, Sek and the LoSo band have performed tracks from the debut album at various events. SXSW was their US debut and they were hugely favored there. Recently, Sek and the band performed at the Bangkok Music Festival, a free concert featuring all the top Thai recording artists, where Sek rocked hard and proud. The next event that Sek will be performing at is the Glastonbury Festival in Somerset, England.

Sek will be joined by some of the most popular acts in pop music at Glastonbury this year, including The Who, Coldplay, The White Stripes, Kylie Minogue, as well as 40 other recording artists. Sek is the very first Thai singer to ever perform at Glastonbury, and was personally invited by Michael Eaves, the promoter/organizer of the festival.

At the end of the day, Sek doesn’t want anything more than to play, make, and listen to music.” I just want to be a good musician and a good songwriter. I don’t want to be a rich man sitting in a house all alone. All I want to be is a good songwriter”

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LOSO Konzert in Deutschland - ein Fan berichtet

Es begann alles 1997, als ich in einem Einkaufszentrum in Rangsit zu Mittag aß. Währenddessen hörte ich mein erstes LOSO Lied "Arai Goh Yorm" und verliebte mich in die Musik. Seitdem habe ich jedes Jahr beim Thailand Urlaub das aktuelle Album besorgt. Die Musik von LOSO spielt in meinem Leben eine wichtige Rolle, indem sie mir motiviert zum Erlernen der thailändische Sprache hat und mich dadurch der thailändische Kultur nahe brachte. Außerdem hat die Musik mich schon so manches Mal in schwierigen Lebenssituationen aufgemuntert.

Am 29. Januar dieses Jahres kam LOSO nach Deutschland und spielte im Konzert in Mannheim. Die Organisatoren des Konzerts, Khun Oh und ihr Mann gaben mir freundlicherweise die Gelegenheit mit Sek LOSO ein Interview durchzuführen. Obwohl es schon sehr spät war als Sek in der Konzerthalle ankam, nahm er sich doch die Zeit auf meine Fragen zu antworten. Als ich mich zum Beginn des Interviews vorgestellt habe, stand Sek auf und bat mir höflich seinen Stuhl an. Die Fragen die ich Sek gestellt habe, antwortet er in bemerkenswertem Englisch mit einem hörbar britischen Akzent.

Nach dem Interview ging ich zurück in den Konzertraum, wo das Publikum mittlerweile 4 Stunden gewartet hatten. Glücklicherweise gab es Vorgruppen, die thailändische Country Musik- besser benannt als "Luk Tung" spielten, um das Publikum bei Laune zu halten. Zusätzlich waren viele Original-Speisen und -Getränke erhältlich.

Als Sek und seine Band die Bühne betrat und zu singen anfing, würde der Raum lebendig und eine atemberaubende Atmosphäre kam auf. Es gab auch keine Streitigkeiten oder ähnliches, wie es in Thailand manchmal bei Rockkonzerten passiert. Sek sang um die 2 Stunden ohne Unterbrechung und hätte ohne jeden Zweifel noch die ganze Nacht weitermachen können.

Am Ende des Konzerts versprach Sek, wieder nach Deutschland zu kommen. Hoffen wir, dass er dieses Versprechen wahr macht!

Jayne: Was hat dich dazu inspiriert Musik zu machen?
Sek: Ich habe mit 9 Jahren Musik von "Carabao" gehört und wusste sofort, dass ich Musiker werden wollte.

Jayne: Also, ist "Carabao" deine Lieblings Band?
Sek: Auf jeden Fall!

Jayne: Ich war letztes Jahr auch auf einem Konzert von "Carabao". Hast du dir schon mal überlegt in einer anderen Sprache zu singen, auf Englisch zum Beispiel?
Sek: Ja, und ich habe sogar gerade ein englisches Album mit dem Manager von "Oasis" aufgenommen, das wahrscheinlich im Juni rauskommt.

Jayne: Ich kenne "Oasis", ich komme übrigens auch aus der Nähe von Manchester.
Sek: Wirklich? Ein guter Freund von mir hat ein thailändisches Restaurant in Manchester.

Jayne: Stimmt es, dass du ein thailändisches Restaurant in London aufmachen willst?
Sek: Nein, es stimmt nicht.

Jayne: Gibst du noch mehr Konzerte in Deutschland?
Sek: Nein, das ist das einzige.

Jayne: Aber, du hast gerade andere Konzerte in Europa gegeben, nicht Wahr?
Sek: Ja, gestern Nacht in London und Morgen Abend in der Schweitz.

Jayne: Gibt es eine Website, auf der man die Tourdaten findet?
Sek: Im Moment nicht, da ich nicht mehr mit der Plattenfirma "Mor Musik" zusammenarbeite.

Jayne: Man kann die Konzertdaten sonst sehr schwer herausfinden. Ich habe deshalb schon mal Konzerte in Thailand verpasst.
Sek: Dieses Jahr sind wir bis April auf Tour.

Jayne: Vielen Dank, dass du dir die Zeit genommen hast dadurch ist für mich ein Traum wahr geworden, denn ich bin seit 8 Jahren LOSO Fan.
Sek: Sehr gern geschehen.

Bericht: Jayne Foto: Jaiphak